Gear that Works

BCEP Students! The recommended Mazamas list of climbing gear has some wiggle room. The following are my suggestions after taking BCEP in 2013, then ICS in 2016 and AR in 2017. This is also considering Mazamas climbs that lie ahead of you.

Where to buy gear? 1) I suggest to buy locally @ the Mountain Shop, 2) Find what you want online and pay yourself through ActiveJunky (signup), 3) See my Amazon links below.

But first, learn how to measure your leg and waist prusik the correct way.  I’ve helped with BCEP for 3 years, and found the best way. Start with your waist prusik: 1) tie half of your double fisherman’s knot to make an adjustable loop, 2) put your finger in your belly button, loop the rope around your finger up to your nose, 3) finish the other half of your double fishermans so it’s loosely from your bellybutton to your nose.  Waist prusik: same process as above starting at your belly button down around your foot. Good luck!

My favorite rock climbing gear:

Must have for your autoblock + locking biener:

Other notables:

Do you like gear?  What sport and what gear?  Tell me below in the comments!


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